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Here is your August 2022 Newsletter from the EFCA

This has been a hectic month for the EFCA. With sad and happy news and everything in between.

Darren Harman-Page who has been a trustee and the Chair of the EFCA has stepped down from the EFCA. He has been a part of our organisation for more years than anyone can remember and is our source of all knowledge so he will be very sadly missed.

Aaron did his bike ride on the 9th July and he raised £1,250 for the EFCA! What an amazing achievement! Aaron has asked for the money to go towards an all family event so we are looking into this and we will bring you news soon! Follow the link here for an update from Aaron

In this month's issue:

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    Darren Harman-Page steps down from the EFCA

    A sad day when we received a note from Darren to say he wanted to step down from being a Trustee for the EFCA. He started in 2010 and became Chair for many years. We will still pester him as he is a ‘fountain of knowledge’ and will be sadly missed.

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    Sue Bell reports on North Quadrant meeting

    Minutes of meeting for North Quadrant

    * Communication with older teens

    This was discussed in relation between SW of young people needing to give a brief outline of their discussion with the young person, we are here to support if we know about things we are supposed to be supporting with. Communication is helpful.

    * Birthday payments for 18-year-olds.

    This payment should be made however it may need to be talked over with current SW and leaving and after care worker because as an 18-year-old the young person is an adult. So may be paid after the event by leaving and after care - check

    * Birthday payments for mother and child

    This is a payment for the child only unless the mother is under 18

    *Carer to carer profiles

    When a child / young person is moving it may be possible for the ‘leaving’ carer to have the profile of the ‘going to’ carer - JMR is going to check the status and validity of this.

    * Delegated authority

    The delegated authority cards are available from your SW or child’s SW

    * Can carers have care packs in case the child doesn’t have one?

    Lee McDermid is going to be asked about this question

    * MACE meetings - should carers be invited?

    It is not usual for Carers to be invited to these meetings

    * Passports

    It can take time to get parents information or birth certificates and sometimes a child’s birth certificate to complete the passport application form. Advice is talk to your SW and child / young person’s SW give plenty of time and James Rice says that he signs them off as soon as he gets them.

    *Savings - this is about children and young people who have had several moves and do not seem to have any savings or an ISA account to put savings into - talk to your SW and in a placement meeting.

    *Holiday Payments for respite carers.

    Holiday payments are made for the child so if they are on respite then any additional payments (Holiday) and to be negotiated between carers and SW informed.

    *16 plus travel costs - if the young person has an EHCP / disability this should be funded by education.

    *Missing persons paperwork

    It was discussed to see if carers can have a copy of the missing persons paperwork to speed up the visits for the police so this is under discussion, as well as the missing prevention form should be shared by the child / young person SW

    *Allegations / child or YP removal from carers home - this was discussed in relation to birth children sometimes needing support. Ask your SSW and this should be discussed with you and a plan made.

    *Damage to carers property and who pays?

    Your own insurance should pay, and uninsured losses can under some circumstances be made against Essex. Talk to your SW

    The meeting was restricted by time so anything not talked about yesterday will be placed on the agenda for the next meeting in October 2022.

    If there is anything you feel you wish us to bring up on your behalf we will.


    Note: We have a conflict of information from Essex with regards to Damage to property from LAC via the North Quadrant meeting. This is the information that we were told in February 2020. Once the information has be ratified, we will ask for it to be placed on the Resource Hub.

    The Authority’s Public Liability insurance has been extended to cover approved Foster Parents and Carers in respect of all sums they shall become legally liable to pay in respect of accidental injury, illness, loss or damage, to Other Parties arising out of fostering activities.

    The Insurance would only apply to liabilities caused by accidental negligence acts, but would cover both injury or property damage to the child placed in care, and injury or property damage caused to Other Parties by the child in care.

    Cover is only provided when the loss or damage to the property insured is directly caused by the foster child or children, whilst at the premises containing the property lost or damaged, having been placed at such premises by the Authority.

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    My Learn - Update

    On the Facebook page on 17th July, I asked Foster Carers for thoughts on the new training platform and any additional questions.

    I had a meeting with ESCA and Essex Management

    The meeting with ESCA went well. There are currently only 135 Foster Carers registered on the new learning platform and it is understandable that training courses have to be cancelled because of this. I have not signed up yet to the new system and am meeting with the management so they can see what is going on and what it is like for a Foster Carer. If you wish to go on a training course, email ESCA directly and ask them rather than try on the platform. Trainers are finding it disappointing that numbers are low. The NVR training that took place in West quadrant should be rolled out to other quadrants shortly. I understand that everyone who did it thought it was brilliant. Once there are more people signed up to the new platform ESCA hope to stop cancelling training. Essex are looking to give more information to SW's to help transition to the New Platform.

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    Help us to help you - Raising funds

    Our August Raffle. You can pay for your tickets by going to or email Karen at


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