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We have received such a positive response from Foster Carers I could almost see the flags waving and the cheers from the ECC Newsletter about the Uplift in Fees for all Carers dated 10th January 2023. 9% (approx.) is not to be sniffed at… except consider this:

Back in 2018 we all received a standardised fee – some of you received a fee decrease and some increase, we know that generally speaking companies have (until recently) been offering increases in pay just under inflation year on year. In order to get Foster Carers Fee back up to the same level it was back in 2018 (yes just back up to the same level) we needed to receive an increase of approximately 17% - food for thought…

The Governments fostering guidance – National Minimum Standards states:
28.3) Allowances and any fees paid are reviewed annually and the fostering service consults with foster carers in advance of any change to the allowance and fee.

We hope to continue to work more closely with Essex with regards to this.

It has also been widely acknowledged that in Communist Countries where people were all receiving the same wage that they would only work to the hours that they thought were enough for the money they received. I am currently looking in this this ‘do we feel valued’ and the implications on a Foster Child.

Do you know there is a Facebook group specifically for Essex Foster Carers? It is a closed and private group that you must be invited to join. It is a brilliant platform for asking questions and meeting like-minded people. If you wish to join, just send us an email with a name of another foster carer who can verify you to

Remember we are here for you, if you need the EFCA for questions, queries, problems or just need a chat! Find us on the Facebook page or email

Your quadrant EFCA representatives are:

Sue Bell (North)
Amanda Stevens (South)
Cheryl Cousins (Mid)
Lucy Tanner (West)


Future Events

Frustrating Finance!

On the Facebook page every so often something pops up about Finance. So, I have been chatting with Jenni Hoad – Finance Team Manager and we are going to hold a Myth Buster/Q&A session so that we can put to bed (hopefully) all the Finance conundrums. This will be a ‘live’ online event and will be recorded so that Foster Carers can refer to it for future information.

The session is on 22nd February 2023. Here are the details:

Topic: Meet Jenni Hoad - Finance Team Manager For Questions and Queries 

Time: Feb 22, 2023 10:30 AM London 

Join Zoom Meeting 

Meeting ID: 755 8091 4699 

Passcode: JNf7DN 

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Soothing Sleep therapy

What child comes into care and sleeps happily though the night? Do you have a good night’s sleep?

The Trustees met with Kathryn Dowling a very knowledgeable Sleep Therapist with many years of experience, and we are pleased to let you know that we will be setting up workshops to help you help your young people to sleep better. This is aimed at younger children up to the age of 12, due to the complexities of getting older children to want to engage in this.

We are also hoping to do an ‘Hour of Power’ to help Foster Carers sleep better too!

The initial interest on Facebook has been amazing! Thank you! We will come back to you soon with dates etc.

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Launching the Lovely Lucky Person in your life!

Do you have the most amazing Social Worker, family member or fellow Foster Carer that goes absolutely over and above and beyond? We would like to help you say THANK YOU to them so please fill in this form click here for the NOMINATION FORM!

Nominations close 10th March winners will be notified by email the EFCA Trustees will vote for the best reasons as to why you are nominating and therefore is not open to Trustees!

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Help us to help you - Fundraising - Karen Reynolds

Here are this month's fundraising activities

Gift Aid

Have you or your partner made a donation (including Gofundme) to EFCA in the past four years?  If you have and you have paid tax, please complete the Gift Aid Form at the link GiftAid.pdf, as EFCA are able to boost your donation by 25p for every £1 you donated.  Once you have completed the form, just return it to

It's going to be pretty difficult to remember how much you donated in the past 4 years, so please estimate an amount.

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Giving Lottery

Join the Giving Lottery and support EFCA using this link:


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Valentine's day raffle

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Adventure Island - Southend on Sea

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