EFCA Newsletter - January 2023


Here is your January 2023 Newsletter from the EFCA

We would like to say…

Thinking hats on lovely Foster Carers as we will be launching our Nominations event that was so successful last year – look out for further information in February’s Newsletter!

Do you know there is a Facebook group specifically for Essex Foster Carers? It is a closed and private group that you must be invited to join. It’s a brilliant platform for asking questions and meeting like-minded people. If you wish to join, just send us an email with a name of another foster carer who can verify you to


Remember we are here for you, if you need the EFCA for questions, queries, problems or just need a chat! Find us on the Facebook page or email

Your quadrant EFCA representatives are:

Sue Bell (North)
Amanda Stevens (South)
Cheryl Cousins (Mid)
Lucy Tanner (West)

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