EFCA Newsletter - November 2022


Here is your November 2022 Newsletter from the EFCA

Successes are starting to happen, you are coming to us with your problems, questions, queries, we are developing good contacts within Essex and slowly things are starting to happen. You are being heard, you are being understood, we are coming together because together we are stronger.

In this month's issue:

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Social Workers asking Foster Carers to send money to LAC family members

The EFCA approached the Fostering Board and they have agreed to stop the practise of Social Workers asking Foster Carers to send money to the relatives of the children they look after. If you are asked to do this – say no, if you feel you need support with this then please contact us.

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Higher Payment Criteria

We also spoke about the Higher Fee Criteria and Essex are going to look at this and see what needs to be done in order to make sure that justifications for any increases are met with a criteria that is more regulated and evidence based. We are hoping to help them design a more robust form. 

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Use your holiday entitlement! You deserve it!

Foster Carers are entitled to holidays. You receive 28 days each year. You are able to request to put the children you look after into respite so that you can re-charge. We know that currently there is a big demand for foster carers, we know that it can be hard to find someone to look after your children, but please try to do this. If you don’t take it, you will lose it. This holiday is NOT the two weeks summer holiday money, it is not the Festive money. It is holiday.

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Proof of age - the Post Office can help

Not so long ago I wanted to take my young person to the cinema, but needed proof of their age. The post office have this available. Which is better than walking around with a passport (if you have one).

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Help us to help you - Fundraising - EFCA are donating to your quadrant Christmas party


Here are this month's fundraising activities

Amazon Smile

To set yourself up to use Amazon Smile to support EFCA follow this link:

Adventure Island - Southend on Sea

Adventure Island Tickets £16 each

Sealife Southend tickets £7 each 

Adventure Golf tickets £5 Each (for two rounds)

To get your tickets please contact

To get your tickets please contact

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North Quadrant Christmas Party

Sheila, Christine and Sue are organising a Christmas Party for North Quadrant. Please note, this is not an EFCA event, but one put on by this amazing team!

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Facebook group and quadrant representatives

Do you know there is a Facebook group specifically for Essex Foster Carers? It is a closed and private group that you have to be invited to join. It’s a brilliant platform for asking questions and meeting like-minded people. If you wish to join, just send us an email with a name of another foster carer who can verify you to     

Remember we are here for you, if you need the EFCA for questions, queries, problems or just need a chat! Find us on the Facebook page or email 

Your quadrant EFCA representatives are: 

Sue Bell (North) 

Amanda Stevens (South)  

Cheryl Cousins (Mid) 

Lucy Tanner (West) 

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