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Here is your October 2022 Newsletter from the EFCA

The weather is beginning to turn and as I write this I’m wondering nervously when I am going to turn on the heating. I have said to my family I am going to buy some cheap quilts lay them on the floor and draw around the boys and turn them all into the ‘stay puff marsh mellow men’ – should be interesting!

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Social Workers asking Foster Carers to send money to LAC family members

We have been approached by several Foster Carers who are helping to support Children with reunification. We understand that Foster Carers are holding beds so that if this is unsuccessful then the child can return to the placement. However, we have also been made away that Foster Carers are being told to send money to members of the family. We believe this should not be happening. We are asking Foster Carers not to do this. There are tax implications, we could be asked to account for our allowance (we can not account for what the money is spent on in the child’s family). There is no due diligence. We ask that you stop making these payments.

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Virtual School - Getting your new placement into school

We had low numbers at the virtual school event at the beginning of September but once again it was very informative. We are hoping to hold another ‘what’s happening and question and answer’ event later on this year and hope to record it so you can watch it at your leisure!

One of the items that came out of this session was a new form that should be filled in when you have a new placement. We have placed the link on the Facebook page, and its here for you to use as well. Please keep it handy for when a new child comes to stay. 

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North Quadrant update

Sue Bell – North Quadrant meeting – problems with claiming insurance

We are still waiting for a response to this and hope to up date you shortly.

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Meeting with ESCA - The new training platform

We are continuing to work with ESCA to help sort out the problems that Foster Carers are having with the new training platform. I had a virtual meeting with them and let them try to use my information, so they are now aware of most of the difficulties we have been experiencing! Sharon from ESCA has been manually inputting everyone’s training summary from Mosaic across to MyLearn and it is hoped that this will elevate the situation. Moving forward slowly…

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Help us to help you - Fundraising - Karen Reynolds

Here are this month's fundraising activities

Essex Lottery

To join the lottery and support us use this link: and then click on "Buy Tickets".

Amazon Smile

To set yourself up to use Amazon Smile to support EFCA follow this link:

Adventure Island - Southend on Sea

Adventure Island Tickets £16 each

Sealife Southend tickets £7 each 

Adventure Golf tickets £5 Each (for two rounds)

To get your tickets please contact

To get your tickets please contact

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